Yarusi Holdings LLC

Jason and Pili are the hosts of the Real Estate Investing Foundation Podcast. This podcast is a platform to serve and help real estate investors take massive action through learning from the steps and missteps many industry pros have taken along the way. Yarusi Holdings LLC is a home solutions company that flips homes and operates beachside AirBNBs locally in New Jersey. The multifamily division, Oak Capital Partners, focuses on acquisitions of larger assets in the Midwest and Southeast, and currently controls over 100 units.

Meet our listeners the REI foundation community. Real estate entrepreneurs and passive income enthusiasts alike who are looking for the steps to take real estate investing to the next level. Jason and Pili Yarusi have built a dedicated audience that likes and trust them. Therefore when J&P recommend products and services to their listeners, the REI Foundation community, they will have instant credibility.

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